Friday, April 17, 2009

Black Beach Weizenbock #36

The Captain was a God among men. Not only was he a sweet fella that I watched almost every morning as a young child growing up, he also happened to be one of the bravest Marines of Iwo Jima. It is nearly impossible to imagine that such a great, easygoin’ person could be so courageous under the dire circumstances of Black Beach. If it was not for the brave actions of Sgt. Bob Keeshan (Kangaroo) leading his troops off of Black Beach under heavy fire, a lot more men would have died where they lay on that beach that day. Ooh Rah for Bob Keeshan, may he guard the Halls of Heaven ‘til the end of time. This beer is a true Wheat Bock, 100% wheat billing mixed with rice hulls. I split the ten gallon batch in two and pitched Czech Pilsener and Saflager (Dry), respectively. I'll ferment in the primary for two weeks, transfer to secondary and ferment another three weeks, bottle/keg and condition for another four weeks. This brew should be ready sometime in June so it will be a great addition to my beer cooler when I take the dogs to Honeymoon Island...Beer, umbrella, Maduro, Dogs, beautiful wife in bikini, excellent gulf view. Who could ask for anything more, man?

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