Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rusty Well Deck Pink Grapefruit Mojo #35 True Organic #2

Rusty Well Deck Pink Grapefruit Mojo #35 True Organic #2

Tuesday, March 24, 2009:

Ingredients for Fourteen U.S. Gallons:

One Wheelbarrow full to the top of Pink Grapefruit
Five pounds cane sugar
Five pounds Orange Blossom Wildflower Honey
Pasteur Champagne Yeast to size (dry)

The weather was beautiful, I staged my new Black and Decker juicer on top of the tablesaw at the edge of the garage floor and propped up the fermenting bin to catch the juice. Cutting and juicing was easy except for the fact that Black and Decker is not what it used to be and the juicer gave on me. Borrowed Bill’s Braun juicer and it worked like a horse the rest of the session, approximately one hour. Straight juice, pulp and all, minimal seeds and high sugar content with perfectly ripe fruit.

Listened to Rush and smoked two great sticks, one Macanudo mild and a no-name torpedo that was probably a Rocky Patel special. No boiling, no special treatment, just straight slicing and juicing until fermenters were full and fruit was gone. Simplified the sugar and honey on the stove, added some ice to cool it down, pitched the yeast directly to the must and staged in the closet. I added a lot of yeast, four packets, two in each fermenter. Some of the packets were quite old and I am certain that they have suffered in retention even though stored properly.
Fourteen gallons of juice (!!!) out of one wheelbarrow full of fruit just hanging out in my neighborhood, not being eaten, juiced, or used for any purpose whatsoever. Total cost of batch including yeast and sugar primers was less than ten bucks. Wow, one of the reasons why I like the direction I’m going in is because it is actually cheaper than brewin beer! After two days it is working like a champ, just like the Tangerine Mojo. I will keep you posted !!

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