Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ballinderry Sword Windsor Red Ale Bin 2 #30

Force carbonated and served in a chilled pilsener glass. Good head retention which will improve even more over the next few weeks. Blood red color. Light metallic hop nose with malt background, hint of caramel. Cascade presence is predominant throughout the beer from start to finish and a hint of malt sweetness, just a kiss at the back end as it wisps away leaving a clean, hop kissed mouth. Pleasant surprise with the Windsor Ale yeast strain, it ferments rather clean and imports a sexy head retention early in the age of the beer. Sticky to the sides of the glass just the way I like it. The yeast does not attenuate nearly as well as the Nottingham strain but settles good enough for a homemade taster like myself. There is more sweetness to this red ale than the others I made in the past with wyeast 1065 and Nottingham. Overall I am pleasantly surprised and although this is not my best red ale ever I would rank it a 6.5 out of 10, above average with the highest marks in head retention, mouthfeel, finish and balance.

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